Our Unique Approach


Distinctive’s Design/Build process is a collaborative effort that utilizes a select group of design professionals to meet individual client needs.  Here are a few key reasons we utilize this approach:


We believe each client brings a unique set of requirements for their project.  It may be the desired amount of design interaction, geographic location of the project, architectural or design style, personality, or any number of other factors.  Utilizing the collaborative approach offers greater flexibility in connecting the right design personnel to best suit the client.


The designers, architects and engineers we partner with are proven professionals, who offer some of the most creative ideas and concepts of their specialties.  They are passionate about being the very best in their chosen craft, which keeps them at the top of their game.  Our designers are also certified in their area of expertise so you are assured your project will meet the latest designer criteria.


Lastly, because our design partners are independent, rather than employees, we are able to pass along the savings in overhead to our clients.


Our collaborative approach is also designed to be used two ways. First, in the more traditional design/build approach, you contact Distinctive and we carefully usher you through the process.  We coordinate the design professionals that best suits your situation.  The second option is for those clients who already have architectural plans.  In this case, using your existing architectural plans, we utilize a modified design/build approach that helps bring clarification to the final decision and selections, which ensures all the details are ready before Distinctive begins construction.