Our Design / Build Approach

Benefits of Design/Build

Cost Containment – The final project cost can be controlled during the design phase.  The estimating and production side of the team are intimately involved in the design phase.  Each proposed change or addition can be evaluated from a cost perspective.  Valuable design fees can be saved allowing you to invest more in the actual project itself.  A reasonable budget for your project must be established up front to maximize the cost control benefits.

Value – The expertise of both the contractor and designer are combined to produce a greater value for the owner.  The contractor offers valuable field perspective, ensuring the designs can truly be executed in the field.  The designer brings that extra level of creativity ensuring your project some of that “wow” factor.

Knowledge – Because Distinctive’s tradesmen are involved during project design, critical construction problems can be discovered, avoided and/or accommodated through design.  By the way, this saves you money too.

Accountability – No more finger pointing.  An integrated design/build team, where the contractor, architect, engineer, and designers are working together, allows all parties to focus on the client’s needs rather than protecting their own interests.

Control – Information is shared freely, costs are known, no more secrets.

Speed – Not only can your project be “fast-tracked” with construction beginning while some of the finish details have not been finalized, projects that are not in fast-tracked mode benefit from design, planning, estimating,  and production all working simultaneously towards the same goal.  Among the many benefits of increased communication and interaction are less wait time and fewer starts and stops of work flow.  Yes, this also saves money.

Flexibility – Design adjustments that happen during construction can be implemented at a fraction of the time and cost.

Communication – The client’s vision and critical requirements are seamlessly transferred through the entire process.  What does this mean?  The production team will understand the project in much greater detail, resulting in a successful execution of the client’s original desires.  What is designed will, in fact, be built.

Relationship – The initial stages of design are like dating. You begin to understand how the company works.  Are they responsive to your needs?  Do they communicate well?  Do they deliver what they say they will?  The relationship building continues during the Construction phase, then perhaps project #2 and/or simply being a trusted resource to resolve your homeowner needs.  With Distinctive, you are developing a relationship that will continue to pay dividends for years to come. 

Welcome to the family.