Our History

Our Founder

In 2001, Mark Buelow started Distinctive Remodeling Solutions, Inc.  He set out to create a little something different in the remodeling industry.

His business plan was built around a few key principles that focus on clients and employees, the foundation of which is that it’s important to realize that everything is “personal”.  Distinctive has a remarkably low level of employee turnover and some of the highest levels of customer referral rates in the industry.

Our Guiding Principles

For Our Clients:

◦ we will take every last detail very seriously (this is their home, and it’s personal); it’s our job to get the details just right.

◦ should expect on-time project completion.

◦ should expect a fixed price contract, defined in a way that makes sense to you as the homeowner.

◦ will refer Distinctive solely based on our performance.

◦ should be treated with respect and integrity, and we will expect the same in return.

◦ should expect to pay a fair price for our remodeling services.

For Our Employees:

 ◦ will be treated fairly.

◦ will be respected for their opinions.

◦ will be fairly compensated for their efforts in both salary and employee benefits.

◦ will be offered continuing education which will allow them to grow in their careers and within the company.

◦ will be given due credit for all which they contribute to the company.

◦ will be provided with the necessary information and resources to perform their work at the highest levels.

Our Promise

These principles still stand today.  Call today; learn how remarkable your remodeling experience can be.  After all, YOU deserve a Distinctive Remodel.